Be SafeHave Fun

We are committed to helping you be safe on our tour and making sure you have the most fun possible, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to look after yourself: Here's our 4 simple rules to keeping you safe:

  • Drink responsibly
  • 1) Drink responsibly, know your limit and keep an eye on your friends. The Bouncers will not let you in if you are too drunk!

  • Look after your valuables
  • 2) Look after your valuables, London is usually pretty safe but it better to be 'safe' than 'sorry'.

  • keep calm
  • 3) Only cross the road when there is a green man, and always look left and right before hand. The roads can be very dangerous, so even if other people have crossed ahead of you, still be very careful.

  • Avoid conflict
  • 4) Avoid conflict or arguments with people, if you have any issue go to the Bouncer or alert our guide. With these rules you should be safe and have a fantastic time.